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Our Mission

At Springfield High School, We create a school culture where all students strive to be their best in a supportive, safe and consistent learning environment. ALL means ALL. NO Excuses!!!

Our Vision

We want a school that is built on a foundation of learning, community and perseverance. We must take each year and opportunity to build and make a stronger place where all kids can and will learn. Our values that will drive this vision are creating students and hiring staff that are PRODUCTIVE, ACCOUNTABLE AND KIND. We want these tenants to be visible throughout our school. We want students that come to school prepared and ready to learn each day and delivering results that are high quality and show extreme levels of students that are grounded in being PRODUCTIVE on a daily basis. We want each member of our school to be accountable for the learning that is happening in each class and as we interact with each other we want our focus is to remain KIND.

Our Beliefs

Each teacher has created I believe statements and as a community we have committed ourselves to living out these beliefs on a daily basis:
  • We believe that all kids should have a great education.
  • We believe that all kids are capable of learning.
  • We believe that all kids should love coming to school and love learning.
  • We believe that their learning will open up opportunities for them to have a great life.
  • We believe that kids need time to be kids, to play, laugh, socialize, and connect on a human level with those around them.
  • We believe that we should craft this school in such a way that it would reflect what we want for our own kids or kids we love.
  • We believe that our school needs to be a place where kids feel safe and cared for. A student who is feeling unsafe will not thrive, will not learn, and will not grow.

A lot of our kids deal with tremendous obstacles outside of school that threaten their physical and emotional safety. While we need to do our part to help them to maneuver these obstacles outside school, the best way to contribute to their safety is by ensuring all our spaces are physically and emotionally safe for every single one of our students.

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